Drinking Chocolate

    • All preparation options covered
    • Vending
    • Catering mix in bags, boxes and sachets
    • Ready made Liquid
    • High quality
    • Vending products fit for purpose (less blockages)
    • Lower in sweetness than English drinking chocolate – with more cocoa!

Indulgent and delicious, drinking chocolate is something we all delight in.

We have an extensive range of drinking chocolates available, covering vending, ready to drink and non-vending. A continental quality that results in a true cocoa experience. It is worth noting that many low cocoa, high sweetness drinks state the chocolate content rather than the cocoa content. Cocoa is an ingredient in chocolate and they are not the same thing.

Van Houten are specialists in the production of all things chocolate.  They in fact invented the process that made cocoa a common household drink. Using the finest quality ingredients and methods to ensure the perfect drink.  Van Houten have developed an exceptional powder that dissolves easily saving time and maintenance costs (for vending). All Van Houten powders can be mixed per cup for catering but the main selection is perfect for vending machines. Customers receive a superior tasting drink that’s less sweet and more satisfying.

If you are looking for a more textured creamy drinking chocolate then look at the Italian chocolate drinks, which includes white chocolate ‘Blanca’ and ‘Quality’ drinking chocolate from Univerciok.  For a higher cocoa content we recommend the Special Bar.