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Energy Chai - Available in both 300ml and 750ml

Chai of the tiger is made with the distinctive fragrance of star anise, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom. We use organic black tea, and have added guarana and genseng for energy, clarity and focus.

These elixirs are Australian made and owned.

Use 15ml to 200ml of milk or a milk alternative - serve hot or ice cold 


Alternative is 1883 Chai Syrup available in 1lt and 250ml

Ginseng has for centuries been used in the east for its stimulating properties. It is known as the ‘Root of power’, and whilst not exactly a stimulant.  It is a useful herb to combat stress and fatigue, to maximize stamina, and to build strength.
Guarana has a stimulating effect stronger and longer lasting than the caffeine in coffee. It is also an appetite suppressant and enhances cognitive function.
Star anise has a history as an aphrodisiac, as well as a digestive aid, the distinctive liquorice taste is the first thing you will notice in Chai of the tiger.
Ginger has a long history as a digestive aid, and the warming flavour is found to be quite stimulating.
Black Pepper increases the metabolic rate, aids digestion and has great antioxidant properties.
Cinnamon’s distinctive fragrance has been shown to give improved brain function, improved digestion and also decreases the risk of heart disease.
Cardamom is a great stimulant that also aids digestion, improves circulation and enhances appetite.

Orders must be placed in quantities divisible by 6. (There are 6 bottles per case but can be mixed flavours.)

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