1883 Syrup Vanilla 250ml Retail Bottle

Brand: Routin 1883
Product Code: CSR25Van
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Vanilla - Possibly the most popular syrup 1883 make as this flavour works in everything. Try it with Kool Kup, frappes, espresso, mocktails and cocktails! You can even add it to lemonade for a cream soda, which really is delicious!

(Opens new window) - Video to make - Vanilla Viennois

Vanilla Syrup Ingredients:

Cane sugar, water, flavouring, colouring: E150a, natural vanilla flavouring 

Nutritional Information:

Energy 1360kJ/320kcal per 100cl (26kcal per pump measure)

Fat <0,1g

Saturated Fat <0,1g

Carbohydrates 80,0g

Sugars 80,0g

Protein <0,1g

Salt <0,1g 

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