Complementary Biscuits

    • Individually wrapped
    • Beautiful presentation
    • Speciality biscuits from all over the continent
    • A simple way to say ‘thank you’
    • A welcoming environment for showrooms, salons and meetings
    • Hygienic and fresh

Our biscuits are specially selected from all over Europe

Individually wrapped in foil or pretty cellophane. This not only extends the life but ensures fresh biscuits every time. This is essential for good hygiene, reduces wastage and also means the presentation of the biscuits looks great too.

Ideal for showrooms, salons and meeting rooms as well as cafes and restaurants.  The biscuits are small enough not to fill customers up, but enough to say thank you. Offering quality biscuits makes you stand out from the crowd and customers remember this and recommend you.  In salons and showrooms a happy customer is more patient and easier to talk to. If a customer feels special and well treated this increases your chances of making the sale or ensuring total satisfaction!

In cafes and restaurants it adds to the customer experience and by including it in the beverage price you cover the small cost.

Why not try the selection biscuits and add a handful to a saucer or bowl when customers are purchasing a round of drinks.