• Complementary biscuits and chocolates
  • Ideal for service, events, showrooms, salons and meetings
  • The classic ‘thank you’ encouraging loyalty
  • Great to keep waiting customers happier for longer!
  • Cost easily absorbed into the beverage price
  • Small enough not to spoil appetite
  • Continental quality
  • Hygienic and fresh (wrapped)

We offer a range of sundry items that are the perfect accompaniment to any hot beverage.  After all what coffee or tea isn’t complete without the perfect amount of sweetness, a chocolate treat to enjoy or a delicious biscuit to dunk?

Whether you are looking to give your customers a tasty biscuit on a saucer to go with their favourite drink to say thank you, to keep customers happy in showrooms and meetings or to have as a delicious bite sized delight at events, then we have a great selection of European and Italian speciality biscuits to choose from.  The biscuits are individually foil wrapped therefore reducing the waste associated with multi packs or unwrapped biscuits, always fresh and they look great.  We offer a choice of singles, selections and Italian specialities.

Our range of chocolate treats includes delightful Italian espresso beans coated in rich chocolate and the finest Belgium chocolate pieces.

Suggestion: Try adding a handful of our selection biscuits to a saucer when serving a round of beverages, this encourages loyalty and groups of drinkers are more likely to chat and spread the word. You will stand out above the competition!