1883 Syrup Chocolate Cookie 1L Glass Bottle

Brand: Routin 1883
Product Code: CSR1Cookie
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Chocolate Cookie is a real sweet delight. It works in hot and cold drinks and really has the delightful nutty cocoa flavours of this crumbly biscuit. Popular in frappes and coffee but why not try it in cocktails too. We love it with ice, vodka and a splash of fresh cream.


Chocolate Cookie Ingredients:

Cane sugar, water, flavouring, colouring: E150a. 


Nutritional Information:

Energy 1377kJ/324kcal per 100ml (26kcal per pump measurement)

Fat <0,1g

Saturated Fat <0,1g

Carbohydrates 81,0g

Sugars 80,0g

Protein <0,1g

Salt <0,1g 


Milk Advice:

Suitable with all dairy products.

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