1883 Syrup Iced Tea Lemon 1L Glass Bottle

Brand: Routin 1883
Product Code: CSR1IceLem
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Please note: All 1L 1883 Syrups in Glass or PET bottles are only available in multiples 6. However, you can mix and match bottles/flavours as you require, but these need to total to 6 bottles, 12 bottles etc

Iced Tea Lemon - Hot summer days? Perfect served over ice with spring water! The quality is outstanding in comparison with all the iced teas we have tasted! Zesty and refreshing! This flavour is better known in the UK for hot drinks but is outstanding iced! If you make it hot we know you'll love it just as much (don't forget you need less syrup for hot drinks than cold!).


Iced Tea Lemon Syrup Ingredients:

Cane sugar, water, lemon juice from concentrate (7%), acidifier: citric acid, colouring: E150a, tea infusion, flavourings.


Nutritional Information:

Energy 1108kJ/261kcal per 100cl (21kcal per pump measure)

Fat <0,1g

Saturated Fat <0,1g

Carbohydrates 65,2g

Sugars 64,0g

Protein <0,1g

Salt <0,1g 


Milk Advice:

Mix with micro filtered milk only. Mix while cold and then heat.  

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