1883 Syrup Spicy Cayenne Pepper 1L Glass Bottle

Brand: Routin 1883
Product Code: CSR1Spc
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1883 Spicy Cayenne Pepper

Characteristics of Spicy Cayenne Pepper softened by a touch of Cinnamon.

Works in all drinks adding a really novel flavour. Popular with drinkers when used in Kool Kup milkshakes. Try with vodka for a schnapps! This also works perfectly with drinking chocolate! Add it to other flavours to give a real hit! Iced Spicy Chai Chillatte - Use with Kool Kup, 1883 Chai and Spicy syrup (ice optional) follow the frappe recipe for a frappe or the chillatte recipe - ice cubes optional. 

Chai Latte - latte the 1883 Chai and Spicy syrup with milk to create a delicious spicy drink - contact us for recipe ideas - we also have a simple to use guide for basic drinks, which can be downloaded - contact us for a free copy when placing your first order.

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