1883 Syrup Popcorn 1L Glass Bottle

Brand: Routin 1883
Product Code: CSR1Pop
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Popcorn - Just take in the perfect aroma and flavour and you are whizzed away to the fun fair or cinema as your senses remember the last time you had real popcorn. Like all the 1883 flavours this is a stunning reproduction of a classic.


(Opens new window) -  Video to make - Iced Coffee Popcorn

(Opens new window) - Video to make - Choco o Pop

Popcorn Syrup Ingredients:

Cane Sugar, water, artificial flavours, natural flavour

No Food Colouring, No artificial preservatives, No Antioxidants

Nutritional Information:

Energy 3040 kcal per 100cl (24kcal per pump measure)

Fat <0,1g

Saturated Fat <0,1g

Carbohydrates 760g/l

Sugars 59,3+/-1,0g/100g

Protein <0,1g

Salt <0,1g


Milk Advice:

Suitable with all dairy products.

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