Dessert Blend One Cup Coffee Filters Catering Pack 10 (sleeve) + free lids

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Dessert Blend Single Portion Coffee Filters, 95% Arabica blend, light roast (6.7g of coffee per one-cup coffee filter)

Additional free lids can be included.

As the name suggests another fine sweet blend but has distinct fruity overtones that are fresh, leaving a gentle reminder when drunk. The medium roast ensures the delicate character to come through in the cup.


Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Salvador, Vietnam.

Catering pack 12 foil sleeves x 10 one cups (120 in total). Each sleeve has a drip cup and 2 lids. If you need extra lids see CLids1cups.

These are beautiful quality filter coffees and ideal for convenience.

Use for fast service where a filter decanter is inconvenient. A fresh brewed cup every time.

Perfect for:

Bed and Breakfast.


Meeting Rooms.


Touring with caravans or buses.

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