Rington's Earl Grey Fairtrade Tea 2.5g T&E x 25

Brand: Ringtons
Product Code: TR25EG
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Rington's Earl Grey Fair Trade Tea x25• Earl Grey Tag & Envelope tea bags

• Black aromatic tea with bergamot flavour
• Fairtrade
• Individual tea bags with tag & envelope
• 25 tea bags

Ringtons Fairtrade Earl Grey Tag & Envelope Tea Bags is a premium quality aromatic blend of black tea, delicately flavoured with bergamot oil. Our Fairtrade Earl Grey tea bags are individually sealed in a colour co-ordinated envelope with a tag. Tag & Envelope Tea Bags are also available in; Camomile, Peppermint, Lemon, Ginger & Ginseng, Green Tea, English Breakfast, & Decaf Tea Bags.

We’re confident Ringtons Fairtrade Earl Grey Tag & Envelope Tea Bags will impress.

Black Tea 96%, Bergamot Flavouring 4%

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